Private events

A member of your family has a passion for astronomy but has never looked through a telescope?
You want to surprise your other half with an original gift?
Your child loves everything related to space and you want to give them an amazing gift ?
You want to add a touch of originality to your wedding?

Contact us and you will not forget this astronomy experience.
A private event in the location you want, with an astrophysicist and for which we will determine the content together.
Some ideas that might interest you:
– Observation of the sun : observe safely the Sun, discover the sunspots and the huge eruptions of our star.
– Observation of the Moon and planets: take control of the telescope and fly to the moon! Admire the belts of Jupiter and its giant cyclone, discover the rings of Saturn and the red Mars! .
– Astrophotography: For photography enthusiasts , it is the opportunity to discover a new domain with their camera equipment .

Feel free to send us an email and we will find the custom solution that suits you best:

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