Training in the use of astronomical equipment

You have just bought an astronomical instrument and you want to use it to its fullest potential? Contact Astro Léman and make the most of your equipment whether you are a beginner or advanced astronomer.

If you are in Geneva area or further, let us meet and gain efficiency with your equipment.
During 2 hours sessions, in the field or at home, you will learn or refine the use of your equipment whether it is a telescope, a mount, a camera or any accessory.

Some of the topics that we can cover include:
– How to best use your astronomical equipment (reflecting/refracting telescope, accessories …)
– How to use a mount (mounting, polar alignment, pointing, for manual , motorized or GoTo mount)
– Optimize settings to improve the performance of your instruments (collimation of a telescope, mount internal tuning…)
– Practice astrophotography (hardware, software and technics)
– Astronomy and Informatics (planetarium software, assistance in pointing and steering mount…)
For more information feel free to contact us:

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