Astronomy class

Have you ever wanted to understand the mysteries of our Universe? Are you a sky and space lover? Or you would just like to get familiar with the night sky? Then our astronomy classes are for you!


The classes are given by an astrophysicist. You will learn and understand the history and evolution of the Universe. Take a journey from the Earth to the limits of the Universe and discover the beauty of the night sky.

Here are some examples of topics we will study:
 – The solar system (planets and objects from our solar system)
 – The Earth in the solar system (seasons, eclipses, Moon-Earth system)
 – The constellations (presentation, mythology, how to find them)
 – Galaxies (the milky way and its neighbours, formation and évolution)
 – The night sky objects (star clusters, nebula…)
 – Astronomy instruments (telescopes, mounts…)

Classes are given at the « école-club Migros » in Geneva ( and at the « Ecole et quartier » association in Versoix (

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