Astro-team: think and create

Build your team and embark on an interstellar trip.

– We will start with a presentation of the sky and space illustrated with the latest astronomy images to discover the solar system, constellations, galaxies and much more.
– The first challenge proposed a quiz that will bring us from the Earth to the borders of the Universe.
– Then teams will then have to use their creativity and their presentation skills to share their new astronomy knowledge with their colleagues in a second challenge.

Based on the results of the two challenges the winning team will receive an astronomical prize.

The animation will finish with an observation session:
  *Sun observation if the animation is during the day.
  *Moon, planets and night sky (according to their visibility) if the animation is in the evening.

Available options:
– We can organise lunch/dinner with a local restaurant.
– We can provide a personalised star wheel for each participant with the logo of your company or any other image.

Feel free to contact us for more information:

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